Friday, January 27, 2012

Please, Tusi Naa Jao Dravid!

Rahul Dravid premature retirment plans stumped me personally as there were two problems that Mr Dependable faced as just 28 days into the new year and things changed 360 degrees for the WALL.

Two problems stared Dravid as he walked out to bat in the second innings in Adelaide.
The first one is not to get bowled out for the 56th time in test cricket in the remaining inning Down Under.

The second problem could be why is the world behind him to retireis based on his form and fitness.

Two antithesis of a problem where the cure for the first is in his own hands but the latter one is the one that is troubling Jammy to no end.

Dravid is the shadowguy in Indian cricket who has never got the accolades he deserves after 16 years of service to the game.

Dravid is the second highest scorer in Test cricket with 13262 runs. The Wall with 210 victims hasthe maximum number of catches in Test cricket. Mr. Dependable holds the record for highest partnership runs in a career along with Tendulkar of 6900 runs.

Dravid was 2011's highest scorer in world cricket with 1145 runs which includes the tough England tour.

All this is forgotten as just 28 days into the New Year, talks about Dravid's retirement or sacking are gathering steam.

Dravid's is the insurance cover on which Indian test team has been shone in the last twodecades. His removal or retirement would lead to the Test cap being distributed like a freebie and the selectors should persuade the Wall to stick for a year around.

Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh were given ample opportunity, but they could not cement their place. Had they grabbed their chance, with Virat Kohli coming in, selectors would have definitely thought of phasing out the seniors a year ago. India is yet to find asuitable replacement for Sourav Ganguly to bat at number 6.

People have suddenly started questioning Dravid's technique since he got bowled five times in thelast six innings. That's ridiculous.

The Australians must get credit for foxing Dravid. They are consistent, stick to the plan andinvariably exploit that small chink in Dravid's armour in conditions that suit them.

Australia have devised a plan for Dravid and they have been extremely successful so far. They are patient and don't give up even if they have to wait for 100 balls in some innings.

Players must be replaced on basis of form and fitness - not age. If that be the case then Leander Paes is vying for two Australian Open titles at 39.

Dravid has been in sublime form for the last 12 months and his fitness cannot be questioned.

He is out of form in this series, but has spent the most time on the pitch compared to otherbatsmen. Rahul has spend 770 minutes or roughly a little over 13 hours in the middle. He has played 554 delivers in the Summer Down Under that is approximately 93 overs. Indian team has lasted just 595 overs in the 4 test put together which makes Dravid’s stay in the middle worth its weight in gold.

He might have not scored big but has been the batsmen who has stayed long at the wicket. Dravid in 8 innings scored 194 runs at an average of 24.25. That by no means is a good score by a Number 3 but then is the 3rd best series average from the Indian batting.

The essence of test Cricket needs to be understood to understand the importance of Dravid..

India needs Dravid more than Dravid needs Test cricket.....He should be persuaded to reconsider his decision in case he decide to say alvida India..

At ths point as someone who has covered Dravid for long as a sports journalist would think of just three words that the Punjabi lad said in the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai....."Tusi naa jao....Dravid".