Monday, November 12, 2007

When will it happen ?

Whether any matrimonial advertisement is ever going to read: looking for a dark girl…

Whether we will pay three figure prices for onions very soon

Why Ekta Kapoor does not endorse a breakfast cereal, since she is the queen of serials?

Why our supermarkets do not play the wedding march as we walk down the aisles.

Whether builders who eat up gardens in the city need to be punished by being forced to eat grass for the rest of their lives

Whether older pairs of jeans complain to each other about today’s cheeky jeaneration

Why an overseas car manufacturer does not buy over Mumbai bullock carts and make them a commuting rage in a foreign country

Whether The Amul Butter Girl ever steps out of those hoardings and goes on a date with her creator, advertising whiz, Eustace Fernandes

Why over-priced movie tickets are sold in black and not in blue, purple, yellow, red or some other colour

Why are you reading this tripe, anyway?