Saturday, May 12, 2007


According to a book of unusual hints for household objects, white bread is great at removing handprints from white walls. Marshmallows can be used to separate your toes during a pedicure. Here we give you an A to Z of some of the more unlikely suggestions.

ASPIRIN - crush two tablets in 100 ml of warm water and soak for three hours to remove stubborn perspiration stains.

BREAD - a slice of white bread will clean greasy marks and fingerprints from walls and non-washable wallpaper.

CRAYONS - melt down leftover crayons to fill in gouges or holes in flooring or even wooden furniture.

DENTAL FLOSS - use to permanently secure buttons and repair tents, umbrellas and rucksacks.

EMERY BOARD - revive old suede shoes by rubbing stains with a nail file and then hold the area over the steam from a kettle.

FREEZERS - place candles in the freezer for two hours before lighting and they will last longer.

GOLF TEES - if a screw won't grip because the hole is too wide, fill in the spot using wood glue and a golf tee which allows a new hole to be drilled in the same spot.

HAIRSPRAY - spraying children's art work before displaying it will make it last longer, specially if in chalk or crayon.

ICE CUBE TRAYS - fill with left over wine and reuse in making pasta sauces, casseroles and stews.

JARS - dry gardening gloves quickly by fitting them over the bottom of a jar and placing upside down over a heater.

KETCHUP - soak silver jewellery in a bowl of ketchup for minutes and clean using an old toothbrush for sparkling results.

LEMONS - dip half a lemon in salt and rub vigorously on marble floors or surfaces to effectively remove stains.

MARSHMALLOWS - use to separate toes when performing a home pedicure.

NAPPIES - wrap fragile packages in disposable nappies to ensure they arrive safely.

OLIVE OIL - two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice or white wine vinegar sprayed on to furniture makes homemade polish.

PEANUT BUTTER - rub into hair to remove stubborn chewing gum and avoid cutting it out.

RUBBER FLIP FLOPS - rub carpets and rugs using a flip flop to collect balls of pet hair.

SAND - clean spades, hoes, rakes and other tools in a bucket of sand mixed with a litre of clean motor oil.

TIGHTS - cover the vacuum nozzle with the leg of an old pair of tights to find small lost objects.

UMBRELLAS - remove the fabric and plant the handle in the ground to use the spokes as supports for climbing vines such as clematis.

VODKA - mix 30ml of vodka with drops of washing - up liquid and 400ml of water for instant weedkiller.

WASHING MACHINE - for large lunch parties place lettuce inside two pillow cases and rinse and spin.

YOGHURT - blend 200ml of active yoghurt with 200ml of water and a handful of moss. Spread the mixture where you want moss to grow.

ZIPS - stitch a zipped pocket to the underside of your beach towel to keep your car keys and some coins in.


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