Thursday, April 26, 2007

The fake frock that rocks

Indian fashion designers are not going to like this one bit. But, the truth of the matter is that fakes sell.
Here is a report from the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, which says that the hottest selling item at a superstore chain in the UK this summer, is a summer dress which is an imitation of the original DKNY label.
The report states, that while the original dress is priced at £360 (approx. Rs 30,000), price-conscious lovers are flocking Asda (the store) in the hope of locating the designer inspired four-layer frock, priced at a mere £16 (approx. Rs 1,350).
The frock is tipped to become one of the best-selling garments of all time when it goes on sale in May.
There is a waiting list of around 3,000 and experts predict the dress sales will touch 10,000, breaking all records. The 70s style floaty sundress is made from cotton and has an imitation satin-finish bottom.
Mumbai may not have an Asda, but designers and imitators, it has aplenty. Fashion designer Ritu Kumar had created a stir when she had taken legal action against widespread plagiarism of her work.
Yet, to the despair of designers, fakes sell like hotcakes here, there and everywhere.


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I thought it happens only in India.

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