Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Farmer Kartar Singh is a worried man. Not because he doesn't earn enough but because he doesn't know what do with his money!

A year ago, Singh sold off 20 acres of land to builders around Delhi and made more than Rs 10 crore in the process.

And though Kartar Singh has traded his bullock cart for a Honda City, it hasn't solved his problems. “I don't know how to spend the money and the most worrisome thing is the grown up kids who are going wayward,” he says.

But Singh is not alone, many nouveau riche farmers are worried about their children, especially their sons in their teens. “There is no need to work as we have enough money. Earlier, I used to take kuccha liquor and now it is exotic brands,” says another farmer, Mahendra.

“I am not worried that this money will be over, I am living in the present,” says Ram Pravesh.

There are more than 2,500 families of farmers around the National Capital Region who have sold off their land to builders.

But it's not just new money, it's a new life too: fast cars, playing fast and loose that seems to be the mantra of these young men whose fathers were once farmers.

“Planning should be in terms investment, counseling, government bonds,” said sociologist Dipankar Gupta.

But make no mistakes. It's only the men who are the privileged lot. Life hasn't changed much for the women in the families of these crorepati farmers.

“The land is not in the name of women folk,” say the women.

This kind of a behavioral pattern is prevalent across the country and it is a clear example of how urbanisation changes the dynamics of the society. Perhaps a bit of counseling would work wonders for the evolution of these rural families.


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