Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Mohammad Bashir, a Pakistani national from Multan cannot contain his grief. He lost his brother and nephew in the horrific Samjhauta Express twin-blasts on Sunday.
Out of the 68 dead, Bashir could identify only his nephew's body at the Civil Hospital in Panipat.
But his problems are far from over. Now he is being stopped from carrying the body beyond the Wagah border.
“No announcement has been made by Pakistan as to how to take the dead bodies back to Pakistan,” says Bashir.
With nowhere else to go, Bashir and his cousin Itwari, are calling for help from the Pakistani government through CNN-IBN.
“I am appealing to President Musharraf and Mr Kasuri through CNN-IBN to keep the blasts in mind and make proper arrangements to transport the bodies,” says Itwari.
Identification of charred bodies continues to be the biggest challenge for those who lost loved ones in the blasts.
Over 20 bodies have been identified so far. But even after that ordeal is over, for Pakistani nationals like Bashir, there are greater hurdles ahead.


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