Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Samjhauta blasts still a mystery

A week after the Samjhauta Express blast, new leads have been unearthed. Police say the train had slowed down to just 11 kilometers per hour between the Dadli and Holambikala stations prior to the blasts.
“It’s just a precaution step for railways that all the trains are supposed to slow down at this stop,” SP Bharti Arora says.
Burnt coaches lie on the track and revive memories of the unfortunate incident. As far as the investigations are concerned, a lot of questions still remain unanswered for example why the train deliberately slowed down? Also what is the connection between the train driver and the two suspects getting off the station?
Police has released revised sketches of the two suspects. The sketches have been reworked on the basis of fresh eyewitness accounts. Posters with the revised sketches will be put up on display at public places, which will also carry information on the objects used in the blast.
“We want more and more people to see these objects and provide info,” says the Senior Police official.
A cash award of Rs 5 lakh has also been announced for anyone who can give information on the suspects. The investigations into the Samjhauta Blasts are being carried out by the Haryana, Punjab and Maharashtra Police, along with intelligence officials. So far over two-dozen people have been questioned in connection with the case.


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