Friday, January 12, 2007



Two Indians who reside in Doha (host city of the 15th Asian Games). They work for BATES PANGULF PR firm, the agency that handled the PRESS affairs for DAGOC. It was a pleasure to meet these two guys as they helped me immensley in my trip and went out the way to get things organised.
Bosco MENEZES (Blue shirt) hails from Mumbai and is an ardent hockey fan. However, the national game of India does not an assocation in Qatar and along with some friends are trying to help the game find some takers. Did visit his team and his concrete rink hockey ground in Doha. It includes Malaysians, Indians and some local guys playing hockey together over the weekend. Bosco is a keen follower of the game and his teammates were happy to help us out.

ABDUL RAZZAK ( SLim GUY) hails from HYDERABAD and is the juniormost PR person in DOHA. at 21 handling the ASIAN GAMES Is no easy task and he is a perfectionalist in organising things. He loves Hyderabadi biryani and is a ardent fan of SANIA MIRZA and SALMAN KHAN. However, Bosco was given the chance to handle press for Sania and it caused envy in Razzak's heart but he is a great sport.

the tow guys deserve a mention on my blog as they were two good friends that i came acorss during my visit across the globe. Wish them luck and all success in their future programmes.


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