Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sindhu meeting the PM
PV Sindhu has written in silver an unprecedented chapter in the history of Indian Sports. She is the youngest olympic champion and the 1st women silver medalist for India. But an anecdote before the Rio Journey will bring out the child in herself . It was the day when the Indian Rio contingent got a chance to meet the Prime Minister who took time out to do a first to shake hands with every member of the contingent , wishing them good luck and success. Prime Minister ensured that he met everyone for a photo op as well. individually. Ironically the first team to meet Prime Minister was the badminton team and the last in the line were were the wrestlers. Gopichand introduced the team and the PM walked ahead little realising that he will be forced to look back a few days later. Then the most coveted moment arrived..time to click with the Prime minister ....Ace bady player Saina Nehwal was conspicous by her absence. Sindhu was standing with Kidambi in line with two badminton racquets. Special protection group or the SPG had told the players that no sporting gears are allowed in the vicinity of the Prime minister . Table Tennis player Manika Batra left her racquet and walked up for the photo op. Click over in a few seconds. then came PV Sindhu's chance , She all of a sudden decided to gift one raquet to the Prime minister and take his autograph on the other. She was in two minds whether she would be allowed . I was standing as a quiet observor while the cameras were rolling was watching this moment very carefully and readying myself for the live. SPG again insisted but Sindhu's insistence was no less and almost childlike she walked upto PM Modi and asked for his autograph. Prime mInister quite deftly took out his black pen and did the honours and smile at me as i goaded her for the autograph by the Prime minister. Sindhu later on returned and thanked me. Chaos and pandemonium then followed as after this even hockey players wanted an autograph by the Prime Minister. The generous Prime minster obliged every player not only with an autograph but selfies as well. . After the click was over Sindhu enjoyed Dhokla and sandwiches when i walked upto her and inquired about her preparations for the Rio Olympics The young Hyderabadi oozed with confidence to say 'i will do something this time'. Never did I know then that it was the giant killing act that she along with gopichand had planned so meticulously to be unleashed in a month's time. Big guns of world badminton have fallen by the way. She won the opening game in the final and i thought it Marin could get some Carol tonight..but it was not to be as Sindhu settled for Silver. Sindhu walked back with her head held high. She slips on Marin Drive but the Queens necklace shines bright around her neck. The meeting and the autograph moment with the PM would surely be etched in my memory.


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